Resort-Ready Packing List

Whether you're traveling or just couch-surfing – here are some picks to help you get packed.

We finally caved and booked a trip to the Caribbean. It’s been so fun to buy anything that’s not food or sweatpants! I know a lot of people are starting to think about travel, so thought I’d share some picks to help you get packed. Or if you’re going nowhere, then at least hopefully this gets you in a spring mood!

Puff Sleeve Dress

Perfect for plane travel – comfy and doesn’t wrinkle.

Cashmere Scarf

This is my favorite scarf – it’s really thin and perfect for anything. Another good one for the plane, and then it can do double duty as a wrap when you get to your destination.

Heart Drop Earrings

Picked these up at Nordstrom recently. They are a good size, not too large and not too small, and they will go with so many things!

Gianna Necklace

Love this necklace that I got as a Christmas gift. Very delicate and just the right touch.

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Pretty little arm candy.

Bell Maxi Dress

I bought a few dresses by this brand last year and loved them. I am obsessed with this new one that’s coming with me. Loved the color!

Bell Midi Dress

Another cute one I’m trying, in a fun length. Love the tassels!

Floral Maxi Dress

An inexpensive flowy dress, perfect for island time.

Lace-Up Cover-Up

Casual and cozy – love the long sleeves.

Becca Cover Up

Another cute coverup – really can’t have too many 🙂

Polka Dot Minidress

A day-dress for warm weather. This will be perfect all summer.

Malibu Cover-Up Minidress

Refer back to my “you can never have too many” rule – haha.

Men’s Swimsuit

Mike really liked this new swimsuit he picked up.

Reef Flip Flops

Another one for the guys – super-comfy Reef flip flops.


My favorites, and in my favorite color! These go with everything.

Mask Lanyard

I am taking this for the plane, although think I’ll be doubling up with more than one mask, so need to try that.


Got these kN95s for travel and am really liking them enough that I may upgrade my regular day-to day-masks. I like that this one doesn’t sit SO close to your face.

Mineral Sunscreen

I have officially switched all my sunscreens to mineral sunscreens – this one is EWG-certified, kind to the reefs as well as cruelty-free and vegan.

Mineral sunscreen comes in the spray version, too.

Beach Book

Gotta have a beach read. I think I found this one on Oprah’s list. The Last Train to Key West – even sounds like a beach read!

Happy travel or happy couch-surfing!

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