Sunday Seven

The Sunday Seven // 02.06.22

My latest Sunday Seven – a bi-weekly roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

My latest Sunday Seven – a bi-weekly roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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The Lowdown on Wine Faults

As wine drinkers, we consume a lot of flawed wine without even realizing it. This is a helpful guide to the 7 main wine faults and how to sniff them out.

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Adventure on Moskito Island

With three distinct estates on the property, Richard Branson’s Moskito Island lets you choose your own adventure. And impeccably curated paradise?! Sign me up.

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Maui Modern

A Hawaiian estate with classic and contemporary edge. The home features traditional Hawaiian architecture, so they detailed the interior in a more modern aesthetic. A shot of the office, above — quite a spot to work from!

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Luxury on the Orient Express

For Veuve Clicquot’s 250th birthday this summer, they are celebrating with an epic and bubbly train travel experience. The journey beings in Reims, France and finishes in Venice, with plenty of champagne tasting along the way.

6 Wine Regions for Your Radar

Most Americans drink wine made in one of three places: California, Italy and France. These are some additional regions to consider that are producing excellent and affordable takes on your favorite wines.

The Four Day Workweek Test

More and more businesses are moving to “productivity focused strategies” in an aim to reduce employees’ hours without cutting pay. A new pilot of a four-day working week is launching in the UK for six months. I am super-interested to see these results!

The Value of Good Thread Count

The age-old question: Does a higher thread count actually mean better sheets? This article not only answers that but also offers some specifics on what to look for when buying.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing rest of the weekend!


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