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The Sunday Seven 04.22.18

Happy Sunday! Here's a list of 7 things that caught my eye online this week.

Hello, friends! On Sundays, I’ve been sharing a list of 7 things that have caught my eye online over the past week…here’s this Sunday’s seven:

1. Many of you know I eat predominantly vegetarian. Here’s an article on the 21 best vegetarian restaurants in the US. I was glad to see Asheville NC on this list — one of my favorite cities for eating! For Charlotte locals, Luna’s Living Kitchen is a must visit.


2. Is anyone planning a national park trip this spring or summer? Here’s a good read, if interested. I keep telling myself a national part needs to be next up on the list of trips, but I keep accidentally planning wine or beach trips instead!


3. Along those lines, I feel like Mike is hitting retirement age early. 😉 He really wants an Airstream Nest. They just hit the market. Pretty modernist cool, I must admit.


4. We went on a really fun trip to Sedona last year. I’ll try and post some recs from there sometime on the blog. We, of course, managed to find some winetasting in the nearby Verde Valley while there, and I was glad to see the Verde Valley featured as a wine destination in the NY Times. They have applied to become an AVA.


5. For mid-century modern and architect lovers, check out these photographs from photographer Marvin Rand, who captured mid-century modern architecture when it was just coming on the scene in LA. His book of these beautiful photos, California Captured, releases soon.


6. What’s wrong with Rosé wines. I agree with some of this, mainly that you shouldn’t pay more than $25 a bottle. (And, if you missed my post on Rosé wine this week, read here!)


7. A couple of other good sales grabbed my eye this week: Tory Burch is offering 20%-30% off, depending on how much you spend. And Sephora is offering 10-15% off everything as well (they also have men’s products!). A few things I liked are linked below!

Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day!
xx — BB

4 comments on “The Sunday Seven 04.22.18

  1. Allan Woods

    That’s a killer Palm Springs house you’ve featured. Perfect to drive the new Airstream to?!

  2. Ellen Gardner

    Adam has been trying to get me on the Airstream train for YEARS (decade +?). He and Mike can go in on one while we stay at cool hotels. 😉

    • breebasham

      😂Why does this not surprise me?! Too funny, but now THAT is a plan!!

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