Sunday Seven

The Sunday Seven 12.02.18

Happy Sunday! Here’s this week’s roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Hello, friends…I hope you have all had a great week! Can you believe it’s December?!  Seems crazy to me…

Here’s this Sunday’s seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Cookie Showdown

‘Tis the cookie season!! Spread your holiday cheer with something sweet. These are some of the best Christmas cookie recipes from Food Network chefs. I’m getting into Ina’s white chocolate bark recipe (technically candy, not a cookie) and will let you know how it goes.

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Wine it Up

Speaking of the season…this is a short little video showing 3 ways to cleverly gift wrap a bottle of wine. I love giving wine as gifts so thought I’d share this if you’re into DIY. My go-to gift wrap is these, from Amazon. I add a brightly colored ribbon around the neck / top of the bag. Cheers!

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Destination: Cruise

Reading this article 1000% made me want to go on a cruise. These are the most worthy cruise destinations — places around the world that are too remote or too inaccessible or too spread out or too bureaucratically exhausting to visit under your own power.
Plus, you get to see the landscape change in slow motion as you approach.


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Willamette Valley Spotlight

We talk a lot about California wines on here and so it’s time for a bit of a spotlight on rhe Willamette region, which contains about 550 wineries. Famed for its pinot noir, but recent years have drawn attention to the quality white wines being grown within its boundaries, too. This link shares six wineries that help illuminate the Willamette Valley’s delicious spectrum of wines. And, if you’re wondering how to say it remember “It’s Willamette, dammit.”. They rhyme.

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Marvelous, Indeed

The second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel comes out next week and if you have not seen it, start watching. It is SO GOOD! She is both marvelously funny and a marvelous cook, and food plays a bigger role in Season 2, according to this article. Looking forward to some delicious subject matter.

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Under the Umbrian Sun

We are headed to Italy next year and looking into staying in Umbria so I was really excited to see this article touting Umbria over Tuscany. Fewer tourists, more truffles, wide-open spaces, sunshine and of course…wine! More about Umbria and its food and history at the link.

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Listen Here

I know a few of you are obsessed with podcasts like I am. Here is a roundup from Vogue of the year’s best, as well as one from Esquire. Some of my favorites are on these lists!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing rest of your weekend!

4 comments on “The Sunday Seven 12.02.18

  1. Emily Best

    Love the podcast list!!!! I already listen to a few of these and I’m so excited about the new ones in this article I just discovered. Thanks for sharing!! #SATC

    Also just sent the cookie showdown to Pat for the Sweater Party. Hope you can make it! XOxo.

    • breebasham

      That’s awesome!! Yeah I am podcasts all the time now…

      What’s the sweater party? Not sure I know about that but sounds fun!

      • Emily Best

        My goodness I don’t get notified when you respond! It was 12/15 but we do it every year 🙂 I gave that SATC podcast a thorough listen – totally inspired me to go back to start watching again from the beginning. Love that show!

      • breebasham

        Love it, glad to hear!!! I want to come to the sweater party next year for sure!

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