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The Sunday Seven 01.20.19

Happy Sunday! Here’s this week’s roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Hello, friends…Here’s this week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel!

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Chef’s Best Quick Crazy Quick Breakfasts 

I’m always on the hunt for time savings in the morning…loved these linked ideas from professional chefs and how they do their morning meals a little differently, albeit still super-quickly. Honestly, they had me at “The French Special” (anything surrounding a baguette with butter)!

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Get Paid to Live in Italy This Summer

Four lucky people will get to live and work alongside locals on an all-expenses-paid sabbatical in a hillside town in southern Italy. Airbnb wants to send four volunteers on a three-month sabbatical in Grottole. As part of their work as Experience hosts, the volunteers will teach travelers passing through Grottole traditional Italian farming skills, such as harvesting honey, growing vegetables, and making pasta and olive oil. The proceeds of these Airbnb Experiences will be invested back into revitalizing the town.

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10 Most Influential Women in Charlotte Food & Drink

Throwing in a little Charlotte local flavor! Linked above are the women making waves, defining culture, launching trends and leading the way in Charlotte kitchens, breweries, bars and beyond. Love seeing and supporting some of these badass ladies I know and admire – shoutout to NoDa Brewing owner Suzie Ford, blogger Allie Papajohn and Chef Ashley Boyd, who I featured on the blog last summer.

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Does Wine Hold Its Value?

Been hoarding some wine that you think is valuable? This is story of a couple of bottles of old Dom Pérignon stashed in a closet. In this link, wine experts reveal how they determine which bottles are legitimately bankable and what you need to do to keep them that way — more may go into it than you think!

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New TV Show – It Starts With Wine

You know I love the Somm movies. Now Amazon is coming out with a wine docu-series called It Starts With Wine. It travels across wine regions around the world, from California to Uruguay. Within the span of 30 minutes, each episode will involve winemakers, growers, producers, chefs, and other personalities with the goal of shedding a new, and more personal, light on an industry that tends to have an old world reputation.

Why Do Wine Bottles Have Those Cute Little Dimples?

The dimple at the bottom of many wine bottles is known as the “punt,” and it’s not entirely clear why it exists. The best theory seems to be that wine bottle makers of yore needed a way to make sure their bottles stood flat on a table. The bottoms of hand-blown bottles may round out slightly as they cool. They may even have a sharp point because of the tools the glassblower uses. To keep this from happening (and bottles of wine from falling over), glassblowers could have pushed up ever so slightly to create what we know today as the punt. More than you ever needed to know, haha.

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Super Blood Wolf Moon – Tonight!

Tonight, a “Super Blood Wolf Moon” is happening and will be visible from both North and South America (if the weather cooperates where you live). Totality—or when the moon will turn completely red—will begin on Sunday, January 20 at 11:41 pm EST and last until 12:43 am EST on Monday, January 21, according to Unlike solar eclipses, you can view lunar eclipses safely with the naked eye. Hit the link for more!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing rest of your weekend!

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