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The Sunday Seven 05.26.19

Happy MDW! Here's this week's Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel!

Hello, friends…Here’s this week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel!

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Decorating Secrets on a Budget

At this link, well-known designers share their favorite cost-saving moves in decorating. There are some interesting ways to maintain high style standards with smart strategies — I really liked a few tips here like buying inexpensive drapes but finishing them out with a custom trim, looking for ways to use existing or free art, and doubling up on rugs.

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Rosé’s Italian Cousin

Rosato, Italy’s version of rosé, seems to be less popular than others right now, but is growing. A popular theory is that Italian wine varietals are less known than French or US wines. The range in character in rosato is wide, there are many options. A rosato from the Marche might have the bright, saline quality of wines produced near the sea coast, while a rosato from Piedmont might be more reminiscent of the intense and powerful Barolos produced there. More about rosato, and some to try!, at the link.

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A Stargazer’s Resort

Kachi Lodge, a new luxe “glamping” resort in Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni -– which is the world’s largest salt flat -– has been designed specifically for stargazers. is It is decked out with a series of pod-like structures specifically outfitted to let guests sleep with a rockstar panoramic view of the night sky. And since it’s located in such a remote area at an exceptionally high altitude (over 11,000 feet), the stars are on display like few other places on Earth. But also, it’s situated in the arid landscape in such a way that it almost looks like you’re on a different planet!

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Save $ on Vacation

Travel + Leisure has collected ways to save money on vacation! From tried-and-true suggestions, like reaping the benefits of shoulder season, to more under-the-radar insights, like booking longer stays for discounts — at the link are more than a dozen ways to make seeing the world easier on your wallet. I thought there were some good ones in here — maybe not revolutionary, ideas but good reminders!

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Simple Sparkling Cocktail Recipes

Pick your favorite sparkling wine (and inexpensive is fine!) to splash into these super-simple summer drinks. These are picked specifically for poolside refreshment. Tips on mixing them: Keep the bubbles cold. Mix the other ingredients in advance, and keep those cold in the fridge, too. That way, when it’s time to serve, you’ve only got two things to pour into a glass. I’m definitely trying the Fino sherry and orange, pictured!

A Quicker Ride to NYC Airports

There is now and Uber for helicopters. More like an Uber Pool, actually. Blade is a rideshare helicopter that costs $195 to get you to a NYC airport, or the Hamptons, in minutes. The company insists Blade isn’t about luxury, but about utilizing excess capacity and pooling together to make something possible.

Where the average chartered helicopter customer is an older male, Blade’s customers are an average of 31 years old and almost half of them are female. They say it helps that Instagram exists 🙂

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What’s REALLY in Fast-Food Eggs?

I have often wondered about the eggs in fast food, they just don’t seem quite like a regular egg. After reading this link, I know! An egg contains essential amino acids, 6 grams of protein, 80 calories, a yolk, and some white. Pretty straightforward. But when you look at the ingredient lists of some of America’s fast-food breakfasts, the egg isn’t quite so simple. Find out what’s in eggs from your favorite quick stop, at the link.

Hope you are all enjoying a long weekend! Happy Memorial Day!

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