Quebec City – Eat, See, Do

Quebec City was amazing! Sharing a recap and what to eat, drink, and do.🇨🇦

In this post I’m sharing my recommendations of what to eat, drink and do in Quebec City. We had a girls trip there recently and it was so much fun! The group I went with has been traveling together for a while and we choose a different city to visit each year. Quebec was high on the list this year and it blew away our expectations.

Our group of eight!

The locals were friendly and welcoming and the city’s neighborhoods are packed full of things to see and explore. If there is one thing I can tell you, it is that Quebec is a walking city. We researched this beforehand and so we were prepared with flat shoes. But – be ready to walk a lot. It is so incredibly lovely and quaint with a lot of character and so much to see. We loved walking around and ducking in and out of shops and restaurants. Some of our favorites are below!

Quebec City – Eat!


A really beautiful spot for dinner. We had drinks and shared a bunch of plates here. The food was some of the best we had in Quebec.


We happened upon this spot when looking for somewhere to grab a drink but ended up loving the food as well. It’s organic and local and everything here was delicious!

Le Renard et la Chouette & L’Affaire Est Ketchup

Le Renard et la Chouette is a cute spot – we stopped here for some apps and drinks on the way to dinner at the spot below as they are close in proximity.

And, L’affaire est Ketchup is pretty much the most fun we had in Quebec! The expression, “l’affaire est ketchup,” is local and means “it’s all good” or “everything’s cool.” There are only 2 seatings each evening. They fill up the place – about 8-9 tables – and it feels like a group dining experience with everyone. You could walk past the half run-down exterior a few times, but it’s just part of the charm. Inside, the chefs whip up magic like duck magret or scallops with celeriac purée from a kitchen with an ancient electric stove. After dinner, we had a major dance party 🙂

Cafe-Boulangerie Paillard

Just look at this crossiant. Need I say more? We ate these each morning.

Lapin Sauté

The cutest patio in all of Quebec! Despite specializing in rabbit (poor rabbits!) the rest of the food here was quite tasty.


We loved our dinner at Echaude! They serve casual bistro fare with a flair. It’s busy with a good vibe inside and also a great terrace – and the menu is top notch.

Le Sam @ Le Château Frontenac

Le Sam is a great place to grab drinks and apps in the gorgeous Chateau Frontenac!

Creperie le Billig

We just kept hearing we must have crepes in Quebec! This was definitely the best crepe spot I ever have been to.

Drinks after Dinner

  • Pub L’Oncle Antoine
  • Bistro Sous le Fort
  • Le Pape Georges – live music
  • Brasserie La Korrigane – poutine and craft beer pairing
  • Champagne Chocolatier – tour plus champagne with dessert pairings


Quebec City – See & Do!

Besides going on a self-guided food tour, which we clearly covered above, here are some other things to enjoy!

  • Walk around Rue St. Jean and Rue St. Joseph shopping districts for boutiques, home stores, and foodie/gourmet shops
  • Visit the Petit-Champlain and Place-Royale – such a lovely, quaint little area of town with cobblestone streets. Lots of local boutiques and restaurants.
  • Take the ferry to Lévis for great photo ops
  • To get between the upper part of town and lower part of town, try both the famous Breakneck Stairs and The Funicular
  • Visit the beautiful books at Maison de la Littérature
  • Stop by the Fromagerie des Grondines Cheese Shop for tasty samples
  • Walk through Montcalm for lots of art, and Musée national des beaux‑arts du Québec at the center
  • Marvel at the Château Frontenac and walk on the Dufferin Terrace
On the Breakneck Stairs
A visit to Palace Royale is like a step back in time 400+ years to the early days of New France
Walk along Dufferin Terrace
Marvel at the Château Frontenac
Stroll the many galleries and museums!

We loved Quebec and hope to visit again! Until next time!


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    I want to go! This will be my travel agenda…an excellent recap of a wonderful trip.

  3. Love these pictures – what a cute city!

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    This was never high on my list, but now it is!

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