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The Sunday Seven 11.10.19

Happy Sunday! This week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday! Here’s this week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Where Movie Villains Live

The hideouts of Hollywood’s famous villains have become the most memorable sets in cinematic history – from Star Wars to Blade Runner. A new book explores a selection of antiheroes’ architecturally significant private spaces. Pictured, in Roman Polanski’s film The Ghost Writer, an austere modernist home on Martha’s Vineyard. Get the first look inside the book at the link.

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Long Weekend International-Style

Loved this, as I always say don’t spend your vacation traveling! This link lists 17 cities that are a quick hop from some of America’s biggest airports — in other words, perfect for a long weekend! There are the typical ones –Bahamas, Turks & Caicos and Sr. John, but I also didn’t realize Dublin was as close as it is!

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Design in the Wake of Wildfires

My heart breaks (again) for the fires in California. Not only are the flames being fanned by anthropogenic climate change, they’re contributing heavily to it. In one week, extreme fires can release as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as all of California’s traffic does in a year. This article addresses how we build—and rebuild—houses, neighborhoods, and cities for resiliency.

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Meet Lambrusco

Have you all tried Lambrusco? I love a good bottle of this delicious sparkling Italian wine! Lambrusco is actually one of the oldest wines in Northern Italy, and although it has been produced in white and rosé styles, Lambrusco is most famous for its deep red varieties. Flavor notes vary greatly by style, but I like it dry and served chilled.

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Is a 4-Day Workweek Coming?

Microsoft decided run an experiment implementing a four-day workweek in Japan, and productivity jumped a staggering 40%! Their plan was basically just giving people the day off every Friday, and they were encouraged to spend less time using email and keep meetings under 30 minutes. How great would this be if the good word spreads?!

Chanel Rosé is On the Way

Chanel has purchased Domaine de l’Ile winery in France’s most famed rosé region, Provence, meaning the brand known for its pink couture is about to start selling more pink wine! Chanel is certainly not new to wine. The privately-owned French company already has four other wineries in France and the US.

A Roundup within a Roundup

Four finds: A new Dusen Dusen luggage collab, the Nordstrom x Nike ’90s-Themed Sneaker Boutique, YSL-Inspired Rugs, and pictured, Sloomoo insitute (a.k.a. slime heaven) which is open in NYC to visitors of all ages. There’s art, there’s custom wallpaper, there’s an ASMR tunnel, and there’s lots and lots of slime!

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing rest of your weekend!

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