Travel Recap // Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a lovely place for a winter getaway. Some pics and recs from our recent trip.

Right before the world shut down from COVID-19, Mike and I went to Puerto Rico for five days. It was heaven and I wanted to share some pictures here in case anyone is considering travel in their future.

Here was the criteria we considered when selecting where to go:

  • Somewhere Tropical
  • Beachfront
  • A Direct Flight
  • A Short Commute From Airport to Resort
  • Nice Resort with Good Service

Not on the list, but a nice perk – we didn’t even need passports from the U.S. to Puerto Rico!

Photo courtesy of Ritz Carlton

I would highly recommend where we stayed, which was Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve. Here are a couple of links to other sites we read beforehand – this one from Forbes and this one from The Points Guy.

“In the world as it is today, we need places of quiet beauty where people can get away, unwind, restore their spirits and energies,” said Laurance S. Rockefeller. He founded the Dorado Beach Resort in 1958 and given the state of the world today, his words are more profound than ever.

The entire 14000-acre property is largely recognized as the first eco-luxury resort in the Caribbean, and it has that air of easy elegance paired with modernist design. It nestles effortlessly into the nature of the surrounding geography and honors the land’s natural beauty and sweeping coastline. The property also comes with a powerful history; so many iconic names have stayed there–from Amelia Earhart to President Eisenhower, Ava Gardner, JFK and Joan Crawford. Even now, superstars and powerful figures regularly visit, and feel assured they’ll be undisturbed and be able to vacation in privacy.

The resort itself was beautiful! So much so that I must admit, once we got there, we didn’t leave!

Our room
Room bar
View from outside our room – gorgeous views to the ocean and a plunge pool!

The food on property was great – there were several restaurants. The first was a beachfront spot with fresh seafood called El Encanto. Their signature restaurant, which we ate at several times, was called Coa. And there was also an Asian-inspired restaurant called Positivo.

Room service breakfast with quite the view
A typical daily poolside lunch – the salads there were so good!
As delicious as it looked
And another
Mostly though, this is what I did by the pool…
They delivered fresh coconut water to you to rehydrate!
They had one of those buttons that you press for service, so you can imagine how dangerous that was!
We hung out on the beach and by the pool during the day
And same at night…
Loved watching the sun go down each night

Making this post makes me realize I sure miss traveling! If you all are interested, I linked up what I wore here.

Hope everyone has a great rest of their week! Cheers to the weekend…

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