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The Sunday Seven 09.20.20

Happy Sunday, friends! My latest roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday! Here’s my latest roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Women Making Big Waves

It’s pretty cool that the biggest wave of the year was surfed by a woman, breaking a world record in the process! Maya Gabeira faced the 68-foot wave at Nazaré, in Portugal, earlier this year.

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11 U.S. Destinations That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re in Europe

Since Europe most likely isn’t in the cards right now, you’ll need to satisfy your craving for a breathtaking European getaway right here stateside. This link breaks down the best European destinations, and pairs them with great U.S. alternatives.

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Watch the People-Free Emmys

How do you have a party without partygoers? The 2020 Emmys is tonight and will reimagine the ceremony through mailed wine and futuristic production. This year, nominees were mailed the wine they would have been served: a 2016 Cabernet and a 2017 Chardonnay, both from Sterling Vineyards. In the absence of a shared meal, the chef shared recipes instead. Beef tenderloin, potato gratin, mac and cheese: family-sized meals, aimed at comfort.

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Sail the World Away From Crowds

Luxury travel company Kontiki Expeditions is launching small-yacht voyages to Ecuador this fall. The crew includes wellness professionals, naturalist guides, and a chef who will create menus filled with local treats, and the guest cap will be 18 people. The perfect way to socially distance while still enjoying a luxurious vacation!

Drool Over 18 Stylish Midcentury Modern Interiors

Love peeping into other people’s gorgeous homes! A Beverly Hills mansion, a New York City duplex, a Paris apartment, and other dwellings that display the height of modernist design.

Drink Brad Pitt’s $390 Champagne

Brad Pitt has launched the first and only Champagne house devoted exclusively to rosé Champagne. The blend is 75% mature Chardonnay grapes and 25% Pinot Noir grapes and is created using the old-world saignée method of production. 

Your Next Carribean Vacation Awaits

Reader-voted best spots from T+L. This list made me so excited. We stayed in #24 this year and thought it was absolutely stunning — so I can’t wait to explore what’s higher on the list! 

Cheers to a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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