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The Sunday Seven 03.29.20

The latest roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel – all while we're quarantined!

Happy Sunday! Read below for the latest roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel – all while we’re quarantined!

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Scenic Drives in Every State

Spring has sprung and it is gorgeous outside! Hop in the car on a gorgeous day, and explore what’s in your own backyard…

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Go To A Museum, Digitally

Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with over 2,500 museums and galleries around the globe to create virtual tours and content. Here, 10 museums around the globe to visit virtually while you’re in need of at-home entertainment.

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Virtual Happy Hour. Drink Wine, Repeat.

Not going to lie, there is an extraordinary amount of this happening in my life right now! Virtual happy hours are my sanity saver!

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Crystal Clear Venice

Setting the record straight on the true story behind Venice’s newly crystal clear canals. I’m loving these bits of inspiring news!

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Make Your Food Last Longer

We’re all trying to stretch our trips between grocery visits right now! Use these tips, tricks and leftover ideas for extending the life and use of your fresh foods.

Distiller-Produced Hand Sanitizer

Beware of those online suggestions that you can make your own sanitizer from vodka, which rarely exceeds an alcohol proof of 60%. Our family’s distillery however, is making, and distributing for free, a hand sanitizer with 65% alcohol. NYT coverage here.

Hotels & Restaurants Helping Others

José Andres is doing the right thing. While his restaurants are shut down, volunteers will be on hand daily to serve “affordable plates of the day” available for takeout. They will also serve those who cannot afford to pay. The Four Seasons is also stepping up in a big way. The NYC location will provide health care workers responding to the coronavirus pandemic with free lodging. As well, others are following suit.

Cheers to a relaxing and healthy rest of your weekend!

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