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The Sunday Seven 03.14.21

Happy Sunday! This week's picks in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Daylight Savings Sunday! This week’s picks in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Drink Wine Aged Underwater

An Argentinian winery recently did a taste test on bottles of the same wine aged under the sea versus in the cellar, with improved outcomes. In theory, underwater ocean aging offers a consistent low temperature and additional pressure to create a different aging experience. Seems unlikely this will go mainstream, but I’m interested to try it.

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Inspiring Lunch at Home

My weekday lunches could stand to be inspired! If anyone needs a few easy lunch recipes, there are some good ideas here, shared by the Food 52 community. Loving this tomato caprese + grilled bruschetta + panzanella that’s pictured!

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Glass Link Love

This Portland beauty, named the Glass Link House, fuses modern minimalist with the rugged look of the Pacific Northwest. The sleek home highlights an open framework with 48-feet of retractable transparent doors to envelope the rooms in views. Plus, the wine room inside is a DREAM!

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Back to Cruising

After a totally lost year, cruises are back for 2021. A good overview of everything you need to know about new cruise ships and where to go is in this article. This photo is from the first cruise ship from the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, the 298-passenger Evrima, and I have to say its looks fabulous!

Revisit New York’s Energy

I thought it would be fun to do a weekend trip to NYC soon – it will be so good to see everyone’s favorite city bounce back from COVID! Whatever it is you’re into, you’ll find there’s more to do in New York than you’ll have time. This is a full guide of the best time to go, things to know, how to get around, where to stay, where to eat and what to do, and so much more.

Color Me Chardonnay

The character and color of Chardonnay wine can vary widely due to vinification methods. Bottles can run the gamut of pale and racy to deep and rich, with a wide and happy middle ground. The color in your glass may hold clues about how the wine was made and how it will taste, and this article tells you what you need to know before you sip.

Float Your Art Gallery

Apparently, superyacht owners are choosing to house and display their priceless art collections on board. Many yacht owners keep onboard paintings and sculptures that are often worth more than the yacht itself, thinking they are safer than other private properties. Not what I would have thought with the risk of the elements, but clearly I’m no suuperyacht expert!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

3 comments on “The Sunday Seven 03.14.21

  1. I am ready to embrace all things Bree!! Already checked out the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection x

  2. Sara Stith

    Pre-COVID, Chad and I sat next to these two guys at our favorite bar/restaurant, and they had a bottle of wine covered in barnacles. They said that they had a wine label called “Ocean Fathoms Wine,” and that they age it underwater near Santa Barbara. They let us taste it. I really thought that it tasted like seawater, but Chad said it was in my mind!

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