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The Sunday Seven // 06.25.23

Happy Sunday! This week's picks in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday! This week’s picks in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Demystifying Wine Sulfites

Something I’ve written about a few times but continues to be a topic of discussion! Debunking the idea that sulfites are why you have a headache in the morning after downing a bottle the night before.

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Keep it to One Pot

Easy and efficient — the keys to a weeknight meal. One pot dinners including Cacio e Pepe, which is one of my go-to’s!

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Napa Dreaming

A gorgeous art collection finds its home with tech-execs in this impressive Napa redesign.

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Gorgeous, Stylish Stays

For all of us who can’t get enough of travel, these world-class properties will accommodate you in style from France to Canada.

Not What You Meant

Yes, Apple knows you didn’t mean to type “ducking” — so it’s fixing autocorrect.


U.S. hotels that are thoroughly devoted to the arts — from artfully decorated lobbies to artists in residence and extensive galleries.

Passing Through Beautiful

Part of the charm when traveling by train is passing through some of the world’s most picturesque railway stations. Pictured — the one I recently visited in Portugal.

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing rest of your weekend!

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  1. I stayed at a 21c Hotel in Bentonville (on a work trip to visit Walmart) — can confirm, very cool! Will have to check out La Posada this fall! 😉

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