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The Sunday Eight 03.11.18

Happy Sunday! Today I'm sharing a list of 8 things that caught my eye online this week.

Happy Sunday! Today I’m sharing a list of 8 things that caught my eye on the web this week…

1. An interesting perspective on how rich people are ruining wine.

2. Loved seeing everyone’s posts and all the news from International Women’s Day this week. Found these images of how the world celebrated really inspiring.

3. Just bought these white sneakers I’m loving but more importantly, now I know how to keep them clean!

4. I’ll go ahead come clean on being a Bachelor watcher – anyone else?! I loved what jilted Bachelorette Becca did with all the money random people sent her on Venmo after Arie left her for Lauren.

5. Design Within Reach recently refreshed the Stahl House in LA – one of my favorite modern homes. (It also happens to be the Semi-Annual Sale at Design Within Reach this week, if you get the itch to buy something beautiful…)

6. Already wanting to plan our next vacation! Sharing a little sailing and island inspiration as that idea is being tossed around…

7. I’ve been researching how to get the best out of the iPhone camera since I feel like I really only know a fraction of what I could/should — sharing some tips I found here and here here.

8. Lastly, you definitely need to add the movie Sour Grapes to  your watch list if you haven’t seen it yet – it’s about a true-story wine counterfeit scam and was crazy good!

I hope that everyone has something relaxing planned for the rest of the day today!

xx — BB


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  1. Love it, miss B! 😘

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