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The Sunday Seven 04.08.18

Happy Sunday! Here's a list of 7 things that caught my eye online this week.

Hello to everyone! On Sundays, I’ve been sharing a list of 7 things that caught my eye online this past week…here we go:

1. Did you all know it is Women’s History Month? This is an article I really enjoyed about 5 influential women in the world of modern design whose stars are rising.

2. A quick little picture read with 21 incomparable landscapes around the world that truly will take your breath away…check these out!

3. The result of a restoration of a midcentury gem near Chicago in 2013 – the home was designed by Jack Viks, who was a student of, and heavily influenced by, Mies van der Rohe. Take a tour through the house.

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4. Most show-stopping public restroom, EVER! A bit about the opening of Ureddplassen, along the Norwegian Scenic Route Helgelandskysten. This spectacularly restful rest area features a few simple block benches of “Norwegian Rose” marble and a viewing platform of amphitheater-style steps facing the small beach and the open sea, ideal for gazing at the aurora borealis. But this is more than just a new highway rest stop. Ureddplassen pays tribute to the 42 men who died in February 1943 when their Royal Norwegian Navy submarine, the HNoMS Uredd, hit a sea mine laid by the German ship Cobra.

5. Who is interested in anything you needed to know regarding the upcoming Royal Wedding? Here’s some FAQ.

6. T
he Southern Hemisphere is known for its wines from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. This article talks about how Brazil is a quiet wine location underdog, despite the fact that it’s the fifth-largest wine producer in the Southern Hemisphere (actually, ahead of New Zealand!)

7. Last but not least, this is me! Stuck between winter and spring cooking…here are some ideas.


Hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the day!
xx — BB

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