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Happy Spring Friday! Since I'm in CA, I'm sharing some outdoor Cali-inspired living spaces today.

I have had outdoors on the brain at home since it’s turning into a beautiful spring in the South. But since I’m in California this week, I thought I’d share a few outdoor Cali-inspired living spaces!

While we no longer live in CA, I’m constantly longing for the wonderful weather that exists year-round here (and most importantly, the lack of humidity in the summer!) I have tried to pick up on some cues from California design when creating our outdoor space at home.


Emmett Lounge Chair
We just purchased 4 of these modern adirondacks from Room & Board, after years of having nothing on our deck (I have to say I kind of loved the clean empty space, although everyone was always asking where our furniture was!) I will post a picture as soon as there isn’t green pollen covering EVERYTHING outside!


We were debating between the Room & Board chairs and these Lollygagger chairs from Design Within Reach, but in the end went with the cleaner lines.


Element Coffee Table
Also just purchased this to go in the middle of the chairs, still waiting on it to arrive…

download (1).jpeg

I am always inspired by modern design and Cali style which I post and curate on Pinterest (along with other things). Most of these pulls are from Pinterest, so I don’t have a lot of info on them, but just thought I’d share a little eye candy for Friday!

Dreamy pool setups:




modern-pool (2).jpg



We have some of these green Panton chairs shown below, on our screened porch. Love the lines on these and how the color blends, yet pops, against the outdoor backdrop!


Here are the Panton chairs shown on part of our screened porch — this is pre-new-tile which is happening this week!


Twinkle lights, always, for ambiance!


I would love to find the source of this bench, I think it would look great in our space. I showed this to Mike and all he said was “that looks expensive”, haha.


Outdoor lighting is everything!


modern-patio (2).jpg

This one is of our screened porch as looking in from outside:


I wish I lived in an area where succulents and palms lived outside all year long!


We have plans for a firepit in our yard someday. Love the mood these create.



Such great examples below of indoor/outdoor Cali living. Doors open all the time!



More adirondacks:


,,,And the lounge-y version!


Love pavers like these…


modern-patio (1).jpg

Outdoor living at its best!

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 8.59.04 PM

Does everyone love Pinterest as much as I do? I think it’s the best for recipes and house stuff! Follow me on Pinterest for more at any time!

Happy Friday!
xx — BB

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