Sunday Seven

The Sunday Seven 08.26.18

Happy Sunday! Here’s this week’s roundup in wine, food, style, design and travel.

Hello, friends…I hope you have all had a great week! Here’s this Sunday’s seven in wine, food, style, design and travel:

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Chelsea Market in NYC, Ponce City Market in Atlanta, R. House in Baltimore—I love a good food hall. They cater to my inability to make a single food selection by offering, well, everything! This is all about food halls and how they come together.

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A recount of how this author became an efficient packer. While there is much more to her narrative, she focuses on 3 simple tactics that I also use and find very useful:

  • Leave the shoes
  • Invest in a Duplicate Toiletry Bag
  • Consider Each Day

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Pretty cool—a peek inside Graphic Designer Paul Rand’s house, up for sale in Connecticut for under $1m. Paul Rand was a legend—he designed the logos for IBM, ABC, UPS and more. His work still stands the test of time many, many years later.

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This is crazy but true. Artificial whiskey is coming (soon), and one company is betting you’ll drink up. Technology continues to take over the world…

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If you are looking for lower sugar boozy drinks (who isn’t?!) then this is for you. We are headed to the beach soon and these will be coming with me—the one pictured sounds especially delicious with Sauvignon Blanc, grapefruit juice, lime juice and honey!

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Villa Althea in Kefalonia, Greece
Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 9.39.30 AM
Belmond El Encanto in Santa Barbara, CA

Whether or not you are going anywhere fabulous soon, you should definitely torture yourself with 112 of the most stunning swimming pools in the world. I wish I had 112 vacations (and an unlimited budget) to visit each one of these! We did get to test out the pool at the Belmond El Encanto in Santa Barbara and I would HIGHLY recommend that resort. Has anyone here been to any others?

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Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 8.59.03 AM.png

Simple but loaded – 40 really useful entertaining tips from the first 40 years of Food & Wine.

This one goes out to Debbie and David Stovall, my best friend’s parents and the best hosts I know. We lost Mr. Stovall this week. Not only did he know how to throw a fantastic party, he was one of the best parts of being there.

Hope you all have an awesome and relaxing rest of your weekend!

4 comments on “The Sunday Seven 08.26.18

  1. Sara Stith

    Loving all of these this week! Can’t wait to check out those pools in more detail and start pinning my faves to Pinterest. I consider myself a very efficient packer, but there is always more to learn…

    • breebasham

      Nice! Glad you liked… I am going to do some pool pinning myself 🙂

  2. Pam Brennan

    The Stovall’s are the greatest hosts & we always enjoyed their fantastic parties!! Their home was always open to anyone !! We lost a great friend❤️🍷🍷cheers . Thank you Bree, Brennans

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