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The Sunday Seven 09.01.19

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Here's this week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Can you believe it’s September already?! Where does the time go these days…

I hope you all enjoy some time off, and here’s this week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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10 Rejuvenating Vacations

I always say there are vacations that are actually “vacations” and then those that are too stressful to qualify, and those are really just “trips!” When looking for relaxing vacations, is there anything more indulgent than a spa day? This lists 10 super-relaxing vacation spots — pictured above, taking an outdoor soak in the Tuscan countryside.

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25 Cali Red Recommendations

Many of us are always looking for the next great red recommendation. This link showcases a smattering of lesser-known labels from some prominent producers in California. The Banshee Mordecai is one of my go-tos, and I was pleased to see Stoplman and Lioco, two of my favorite wineries, on the list. But there were several other new-to-me recs that I am excited to try!

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Kris Jenner’s Pad

So I am definitely not the biggest fan of Kris Jenner, but I sure do admire her LA home. This serene, understated house is accented in classic pieces from designers such as Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé, Jean Royère, and Oscar Niemeyer. Pops of color come from her fantastic art. You have to click through the pictures!

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15 Best Burrata Recipes

Burrata, which is made from cheese, cream, and more cheese, is about as delicious as it gets in my book. You can buy it pre-made or you make it at home, which is actually pretty simple. With that, here are 15 recipes to show off your burrata.

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All About White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17: I wanted to share this article spreading the love of White Dove because my entire house is painted in White Dove and I absolutely love it. It’s not too sterile and has virtually no yellow—just enough to take the edge off. It creates a beautiful, crisp backdrop for art and furniture.

Virginia Wine Scene

I admittedly have not visited the Virginia Wine Scene but I hear it’s a lot of fun! With over 250 vineyards, many producing high-quality wines, Virginia vies with New York for the reputation as East Coast’s finest wine-producing state — and boasts a few celebrity wineries as well. This links to a gallery of must-visit wineries in the state of Virginia.

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Coffee for Design Lovers

I’m a sucker for anything in a beautiful package! Coffee roasters are following in the footsteps of the wine and craft beer industry, spending extra effort to incorporate eye-catching design as part of the experience. This is a spotlight of 10 favorite coffee products with an eye for design.

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing rest of the l-o-n-g weekend!

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