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The Sunday Seven 09.08.19

Happy Sunday! This week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday! Here’s this week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Fire Island Summer Style

A web-only tour inside a gorgeous Fire Island summer home! Douglas fir wall panels and white oak flooring bring warmth and material richness to the spacious home, which is filled with an eclectic mix of Danish Modern and contemporary pieces and vibrant textiles. Love!

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30 Recipes for September

I don’t know about you guys but I am ready for fall and heartier weather. That being said, it’s still 90 degrees here. But, here are 30 good transition recipes. I am definitely making this delicious-looking Brussels sprouts slaw with ginger gold apple – how great does that sound?!

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Rating Wine Closures

I get asked a lot about wine closures. Cultural preconceptions aside, the stopper can tell a great deal about the wine in that bottle – it can hint at longevity, quality, terroir, and history. Here’s a quick guide on how to tell what’s inside.

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Best Days to Book Holiday Travel

It’s always a game to try and figure out the best time to book travel. This is a short and helpful read on when to book Thanksgiving or end of year holiday travel. Hint: you’re not late yet! According to online booking data, the best days to book are still ahead of us.

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Modern Dining

Inspiration for creating a great space for friends, family, food and wine! I’m in the market for a chandelier, so I enjoyed flipping through this quick gallery of photos of dining spaces. These harken mid-century modern, but with a twist.

The Oscar Race is Upon Us

I love all the good movies that come out for fall as we head toward Oscar season! This is a roundup of 35 must-see films. I am really excited for The Goldfinch, a book I enjoyed, and also Hustlers, because let’s be honest, I love J. Lo!

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Wine & Business

I kind of pulled this one for myself 🙂 As the author says, there are lots of rules regarding proper workplace etiquette but surprisingly little guidance relating directly to drinking wine in a business setting. Here, she adapted some common rules of business etiquette to include corresponding wine advice.

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing rest of your weekend!

4 comments on “The Sunday Seven 09.08.19

  1. Clicked on it right away. A good one today!


    Really good one! A lot of the films in the round-up are going to be at the Mill Valley Film Festival! Mika, Eva, and I always try to see a few. I can’t wait for Marriage Story.

    • Love that! The festival sounds super fun – you all have a great group, too!

  3. I also can’t wait to check out those dinning rooms. Thanks for posting!

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