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The Sunday Seven 01.05.20

Here’s the first Sunday Seven of 2020 – this week’s roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy New Year! Here’s the first Sunday Seven of 2020 – this week’s roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Top 15 U.S. Resorts

From the T+L “World’s Best Awards” survey, hotels were rated on their facilities, location, service, food, and overall value. The top 15 honorees for U.S. resorts favor the west – five are in California, and three are surrounded by the vineyards of Napa Valley. The only one of these I have been to is Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, but the list is giving me lots of ideas!

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Why You Should Reconsider Dry January!

Dry January is a colloquial term to describe abstaining from alcohol for the first month of the year as a kind of abbreviated New Year’s resolution. Here, a doctor advises why this maybe isn’t the best idea. I love it – I have no plans for Dry January and am going to just happily sip my wine all the way through!

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13 Buildings Redefining Architecture

This is a fun little architectural tour of buildings that have changed the game and taken the collective practice of architecture in a new direction. The Oculus in New York is on this list, as is Apple Park in Cupertino. Also, pictured is the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg – modern glass completely covers the upper portion of the structure, but the brick foundation is a former warehouse built in 1963. Adaptive reuse as its best.

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Crimes You’re Committing Against Your Cheese

I know many of you are cheese lovers like me! You’ll want to know the 10 mistakes you are probably making with cheese, and how to fix them. This list covers things I knew like not to eat cheese straight out of the fridge and not to store it in plastic wrap, but also had some interesting new information…

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All About Awards Season

Awards season kicks off with the Golden Globes, TONIGHT! The list of GG nominations is included here. The Oscars are also early this year, taking place on February 9. More tips on navigating awards season are at the link, and for all you Red Carpet lovers, don’t forget to watch tonight!

A Michelin-Star Worthy Salad

A unique and easy-to-prepare winter salad recipe from Michelin-star Chef Dave Beran. He thinks the key to a great salad is contrast, and offering up surprise. Here, bright fruit, rich Comte cheese and toasted walnuts balance a brisk mix of bitter chicories and sunny citrus. 

Beautiful Greek Hotels

I really want to prioritize a Greece trip over the next few years, so I included this list to inspire myself! 12 beautifully designed island hotels are shown here – the list covers off on different islands to show the rich landscape of options. Don’t these look divine?!

Hope your New Year is off to a fantastic start, and cheers to a wonderful and relaxing rest of your weekend!

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