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The Sunday Seven 05.31.20

Happy Sunday! This week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday! Here’s my latest roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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What Summer Travel Might Look Like

Safe to say we can expect change for travel this summer, right? Travel + Leisure asked aa handful of experts their predictions on summer travel trends – they shared the importance of cleanliness, a roadtrip resurgence, the quest for wellness and wide open spaces, and flexible flying. Currently planning to spend some time later today on roadtrip ideas, myself!

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The Most Anticipated Buildings of 2020

The most groundbreaking and architecturally anticipated buildings of 2020. This list is fun to scroll through—it features Zaha Hadid Architects’ tower with a gaping hole in its center, and he striking beauty of the juxtaposition of modern and ancient architecture in MAD Architects’ kindergarten in China. Also, Central Park Tower, which at 1,549 feet tall, will be the second-tallest skyscraper in the United States and the Western Hemisphere.

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Pandemic Effects on Wine

Interesting notes from various wine producers on how the pandemic is affecting their wine business. Southern-hemisphere producers have already harvested the 2020 vintage, and with many of the world’s restaurants closed, they face six months of relative quiet. Those in the northern hemisphere are concentrating all our efforts on work in the vineyards, taking great care for what is hopefully a beautiful release.

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“Work from Hotel” Instead of Work from Home

Beginning June 1, The London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills will offer a new remote working concept  You can rent a suite customized for office activity—work desks, chairs and seating areas (minus the beds), wall-mounted TVs, and high-speed internet. A special menu has been created for guests, which can be picked-up at the lobby London Bar or delivered to the suite. Sounds fabulous!

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Faux Seat Fillers at a Michelin-Star Restaurant

The Inn at Little Washington—the D.C.-area’s only restaurant with three Michelin stars—has devised an unorthodox plan to help fill the void created by social distancing. Chef Patrick O’Connell reopened for dinner this week, placing theatrically dressed mannequins at empty tables to serve as “an entertainment and design touchpoint to keep things interesting.” Creepy—but kind of funny, too.

Across California, Wineries Are Reopening … Sort Of

Sonoma, Santa Barbara, Paso Robles and El Dorado are all allowing wineries to serve wine as long as it’s outdoors and with food, either from the wineries’ kitchen or provided by an outside vendor. (Napa and numerous other counties have not moved to that stage yet.) There are differing opinions on the new rules, but I’m encouraged to see some reopening activity regardless.

Maria Sharapova’s Contemporary Dream

I’m full-on obsessed with this California home. Maria Sharapova’s house has a minimalist aesthetic with a Japanese influence, but for all its lean beauty, it has no shortage of warmth, soul, and light. Architectural details of bleached oak, cedar, and silver travertine provide a rich material counterpoint to the wide expanses of concrete and glass. See lots of pics and a video at the link!

Cheers to a relaxing and rest of your weekend!

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