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The Sunday Seven 09.06.20

Happy Sunday! This week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday! Here’s my latest roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Peek Into Christian Siriano’s Modernist Connecticut Refuge

Christian Siriano’s peaceful and gorgeous modernist vacation home in CT. I love the aesthetic, and the home showcases some of Christian’s own paintings and furniture designs — which round out his skills, and up the drool-worthy factor of the home!

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The Newly Awarded Best U.S. Wine Region

The Walla Walla Valley has been named America’s Best Wine Region in the 2020 USA Today 10 Best Readers’ Choice awards, following a month-long nationwide public vote. They have been selected as a finalist for the award three times, but this is the first time for first place.

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Mistakes You Commit When Pairing Wine with Cheese

Three wine and dairy professionals weigh in to share top mistakes people make when matching wine with cheese, like mismatched intensity and flavors, and pairing red wine with soft cheese—(guilty!)

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Rent the Runway for Vacation Rentals

Inspirato has a new subscription service. Pay $2,500 a month and get a never-ending supply of incredible stays. If you’re familiar with how Rent the Runway works, or the original Netflix subscription, this is the same for vacation rentals. Users can choose from 150,000 different trips, and all are included in the rate.

5 Ways to Help Victims of the NorCal Wildfires

2020 strikes again. It’s devastating to watch Cali burn, and if you want to help, there are ways to assist the tens of thousands of people affected including evacuees and firefighters. Here are just five ways to get started.

28 Quick Grilling Recipes to Try Before Summer Ends

Some really creative ways to spice up your grill game, while we still have gorgeous summer weather! This recipe for grilled halibut was inspired by a preparation style from the Bay of Biscay in Spain. This and more at the link.

Take A Mask Selfie for Your Uber Driver

Uber announced that it will begin to require some riders to take selfies to prove they are wearing masks during the pandemic, and have built this functionality into the app. Drivers are already required to take mask selfies prior to signing in. A new world we live in…

Cheers to a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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