Pandemic Favorite Buys

A random mix of all the things keeping me happy and sane!

Well, here we are in 2021 and it feels just like 2020. So I decided to round up my favorite purchases of 2020 AKA the things that were/are keeping me happy and sane, and share those here! Heads up, this is a random assortment!

Lou & Grey Sweatshirt & Sweatpants

Sweats: everyone’s favorite quarantine outfit. I like that these are so soft and not too baggy, and they look cute to walk around in. I have these in a few different colors.


Appropriately named “live-in leggings.” These are a cotton-finish, high-waisted, and have good structure to them.


This Half Baked Harvest cookbook has been good to add a little inspiration to the dinnertable.


I’ve been doing streaming pilates with weights a few times a week. These 5 lb. ones are my go-to set.

SMEG Kettle

I’m newly obsessed with tea.  I got this kettle for Christmas and it’s my new favorite possession. Send me any tea brands I should try!

Bodum Clear Glass Mugs

Clean and classic mugs.

Apple Watch

I had my Apple Watch before the pandemic, but it’s lately been great to measure how much I get out and move around – it helps to keep me motivated.


This has been great for walking outside. A perfect temperature mix between a shirt and a jacket.

Vitamin C Serum

I have shared this before, but its the best for brightening up your skin! You can truly see an instant difference.

Face Mask

And this, I use once a week to pull out the impurities.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

If you have not yet gotten on the train with this blanket, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s simply the softest, snuggliest thing!


This scent is popular for a reason – loved by many!


This time has gotten me back into reading – it’s been a nice alternative to all the TV.

LMNT Recharge

From all the wine I’m drinking – ahem – this is fantastic for recharging with electrolytes, but without all the sugar of Gatorade. There are several flavors, but I like them all so I buy the variety pack shown here.

Wine Glasses

These are my new favorites, a Christmas gift from my hubby.

I’ve gotten some requests to do a new post on wine soon – but here are my 20 picks around $20 in the meantime…

Cheers and stay strong, friends!

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