Sunday Seven

The Sunday Seven // 08.01.21

Happy Sunday! This week's picks in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday! This week’s picks in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Grocery Store Olive Oil Awards 

When you’re in a pinch and at the grocery store buying olive oil, here’s what you’ll want to know about the options on the shelf in front of you.

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Green Thumb Love

I surround myself with plants and flowers, but I wouldn’t say my green friends are thriving as much as surviving! Tips for mastering your green thumb.

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Starchitect Bathrooms

Can a public bathroom be dreamy?! Famous architects, designers and artists design impressive public restrooms for the Olympics in Tokyo.

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Get Creative with Your Bottle of Rosé

Rosé all day, all summer long! Change it up with these simple and refreshing rosé cocktails.

Fly the Best Airline

The top 20 airlines for 2021. Qatar takes top spot for best in the world – see why and get the rest of the list!

Your Next Vacation: Out of This World

A luxury space hotel planned for 2027. Voyager Station would be the first commercial space hotel. Clearly a lot of details to work out—but overall—pretty out of this world.

Glamp in a Glass Pyramid 

A new option in the beautiful Grand Canyon—each pyramid comes with AC, a queen-sized bed, luxury linens, a detached private bathroom and and a full outdoor living space.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing rest of the weekend!

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