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The Sunday Seven // 08.15.21

Happy Sunday, friends! My latest bi-weekly roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday, friends! My latest bi-weekly roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Summertime Rosé Recommendations 

Rosé season is almost over and we’ve barely talked about it! My favorite thing about rosé is that there is truly a good bottle at every price point. This link shares some recs—grab one before summer slips away.

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Off-the-Grid In A Rural Hawaiian Retreat

Ever since watching White Lotus on HBO (anyone else?), I’m obsessed with re-visiting Hawaii. Take a peek through this gorgeous, tucked-away retreat.

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Make Ordering Wine a Better Experience

A sommelier goes on the road to research, and shares with us with all the strategies to help diners feel less helpless and more savvy when ordering wine in a restaurant.

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Serve Up Vacation Kid-Free

For those wanting a quiet getaway, there is something to the peace and quiet you can get without kids splashing next to you in the pool. We have been to Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, (pictured), and it truly feels like you’re at the end of the earth.

Your New Office On the Open Road

Could you travel in an airstream? If I had not just traveled on a boat, I would have probably said no, but I’m now thinking working on the go has a nice sound to it. This model has been reconfigured to have a digital workspace for work-from-anywhere life.

Sampling Martha’s Best

A roundup of domestic queen Martha’s best recipes, including this one-pan pasta, pictured. I’ve never tried this, but now need to!

A Throwback Luxury Mountain Experience

A new take on a summer luxury resort from the owners of Blackberry Farm. This place is gorgeous and has a nostalgic summer-camp vibe to it—think Dirty Dancing.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing rest of the weekend!

2 comments on “The Sunday Seven // 08.15.21

  1. I love White Lotus too and you are correct. It makes me want to revisit Hawaii. Don’t you think the music in that show is exceptional?

    • breebasham

      I really do – it’s very memorable! Finale tonight 🙂

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