Amazon Recent Buys and Favorites

I love seeing what other people buy on Amazon. Here's what I bought and loved in the first quarter of this year.

I love seeing what other people buy on Amazon. It can be so hard to find good things on the site with so many options! Here’s what I bought and loved in the first quarter of this year.

To Wear

Lounge Shorts and Sweatshirt Set

Easy lounge set by The Drop. I bought and liked the pretty praline color, shown.

Spring Shawl

Buttery soft and a good weight for spring and summer.

Hue Sleep Shirt and Sleep Short

Love this featherlight sleep set. You can mix and match the top and bottom styles but this is the set I have.

The Drop Sweater Vest

A good everyday top. I have been wearing this with high waisted jeans and boots lately.

Becca Swimsuit Coverup

This is my favorite swimsuit coverup brand and style. This material is a slub cotton. It’s fitted and cute but really breathable, and easy to throw on and off.

The Drop Strong Shoulder Dress

I actually just ordered this one, so can’t tell you how it fits, but I like most of what I order by this brand. Thought the shoulder on this was so cute.

To Snack On

That’s It Bars

So good. Ingredients are listed on the front of the packet—literally, fruit only.

Justin’s Cinnamon Almond Butter

Two things: 1) the size is perfect for on the go – just a small little pouch that fits in your hand. 2) if you have not had the cinnamon almond butter, it tastes like dessert!

LMNT Packs

LMNT are my favorite electrolyte packs. These have no added sugar—a big difference from Liquid IV and others. They are super-salty, instead. Watermelon salt is my favorite!

Perfect Bars

These small-sized snack bars are not only delicious but have 6g of protein. Perfect bar also makes larger bars, too. Dark chocolate chip peanut butter is my favorite!

In the Random Column

Fellow Stagg Pour Over Coffee Set

Fellow makes the most well-designed coffee accessories. We switched to an espresso machine and rely on this for our occasional regular coffee. It makes a great pour over.

Computer Case

Really like the neutral color this hard case comes in.

Wet Brush

The best inexpensive brush for detangling after the shower.

Acrylic Tray for Bath

Not a great picture, but a good little acrylic tray. I keep serums and lotions on mine on the bathroom counter.

Olive Oil Dispenser

I bought a few of these to keep my olive oils in. Liked the clean look.

Ouai Detox Shampoo

A detox shampoo that I’m using every once in a while to give my hair a break.

iPhone Case

My phone case of choice, love the clean off-white color.

Individual Lens Wipes

A game-changer to not have to mess with the spray bottle and cloth! These are great for travel.

Happy Shopping!

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