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The Sunday Seven 09.09.18

Happy Sunday! Here’s this week’s roundup in wine, food, style, design and travel.

Hello, friends…I hope you have all had a great week! Here’s this Sunday’s seven in wine, food, style, design and travel:

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The Light Wave House, Australia

Perched above Byron Bay, the Light Wave House is the ultimate hangout spot on the coast of Australia. The project consists of a cabana, swimming pool, and landscape set along The Lighthouse Walk. The structure’s sculpted silhouette is like a piece of artwork set on the hillside to captivate the walkers that travel the busy, public walkway. Very cool.

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Mermaid Eye Color from Chantecaille

A round up of 11 makeup brands that are totally cruelty-free. These are brands that don’t engage in animal testing with either raw or finished materials and products. They also don’t contract other parties to test on animals on their behalf, or sell any products in countries where animal testing is required. Some are drugstore brands, others luxe — brands on the list are Pur Cosmetics, RMS Beauty, Ellis Faas, Antonym Cosmetics, Fluide, Urban Decay, Cover FX, and one of my favorites, Chantecaille. I was surprised not to see Beauty Counter on here!


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Ashes & Diamonds Winery

Interesting viewpoint—“why the tasting room is dead.” Some of California’s traditional tasting rooms are pivoting to more “maker” spaces, nature immersions and places for all-day casual hangouts. Coming soon—The Prisoner’s  new winery. In it, their Makers’ Hall will have four studios, each occupied by a “maker in residence” whose expertise will include art, music, design and cuisine. Other wineries mentioned are Scribe, Belden Barns, Ashes & Diamonds (pictured, which I been raving about all year!), Cliff Lede, Ramey, and Wheeler Farms.

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Scotland’s Hebridean Whisky Trail

Whisky lovers who want to enjoy a drink while admiring Scotland’s beautiful scenery can now do so on a 115-mile whisky trail. The new Hebridean Whisky Trail, unveiled this month, takes travelers to different distilleries along the country’s northern coast on the remote Hebrides islands. The trail includes three of the Hebrides: the Isle of Skye, Raasay, and Harris.

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Pulltap’s Double-Hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew

Food & Wine went on a search for the best corkscrew, looking at electric models as well as the classics. They found Pulltap’s Double-Hinged Waiter’s Corkscrew has the best price-quality ratio and won best overall performance. This is my go-to as well – the double-hinge fulcrum makes it simple to keep leverage. If you want to try this one, I’ve linked it here at $11 on Amazon.

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To line with foil, or not to line? That is the question. When roasting vegetables in the oven, I usually line the pan with foil for easy cleanup. This article explores both sides, as some think lining a sheet tray with foil can prevent vegetables from taking on that deep golden brown that makes them so irresistible. But in the end, if you line, just add a few extra minutes to your roasting time.

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7 secrets of a Whole Foods produce manager. A produce team member of Whole Foods shares some secrets of the produce section that you can benefit from on your next trip:

  • If you don’t need to buy an entire cabbage (or anything else), you don’t have to
  • If you want the apples you buy to last longer, look at the sticker first
  • Sometimes it’s better to skip the fresh stuff and buy frozen
  • Buy avocados like bananas (in bunches)
  • The most in-season produce is at the front of the store
  • Don’t pick food off the shelf and eat it, but you CAN ask for samples of anything!

Hope you all have an awesome and relaxing rest of your long weekend! We took a quick trip to Asheville for some good food and drink stops, and to see the Chihuly exhibit!


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