The Edit: Loving Lately

January has come and gone! Here is my survival list so far this winter.

January has come and gone and I, like many others have been in major cleanout and hibernation mode. I have organized every closet in my house and just have been trying to get rid of what we don’t use. As well, I didn’t do any kind of real diet but we did book a beach vacation which has motivated me to try and eat a little bit cleaner. Here is my survival list so far this winter.

Fresh Flowers – Everywhere in my house! Something about inexpensive fresh flowers still makes a big impact on happiness 🙂

Drinking Coffee – Coffee has definitely been more of a necessity than a “nice to have” lately! I got this coffee maker for Christmas and have been really happy with it. Nespresso makes delicious coffee!

Coffee Maker

Glasses – Love these insulated glass mugs that I stocked up on as well.

Daily Harvest Smoothies – I went through a period last year where I was trying to make smoothies but they never turned out quite like I wanted. Enter Daily Harvest – these are pre-measured and in a cup, and delivered to my door each week (so easy). My favorite is below, Ginger Greens! I put a scoop of this powder inside my smoothie and I use this blender to blend it all up. I have been having one of these for breakfast each day lately.

Tech Pouch – As many of you know I do quite a bit of traveling and presenting, so I always have a good amount of cords and connectors with me. I love this Cuyana bag – I leave this packed up in my suitcase with an extra of everything inside.

Jewelry Case – Another small piece that’s great for travel. This leather jewelry box that has come everywhere lately with me.

Eyeglasses Case – Also love this eyeglasses case. It folds up completely flat to save space in your bag!

TV Survival List – Er finished up the Morning Show, which I really liked, as well as the story about the trial of Aaron Hernandez. Somehow I knew nothing of the Aaron Hernandez story, but it was super interesting!

Soups – I have been making a big batch of slow-cooker soup every Sunday. Two recent favorites:

Creamy Broccoli & Wild Rice Soup

Loaded Baked Potato Slow-Cooker Soup

Other than that, I have been terrible and been getting meal delivery all of January. I’d love to tell you it’s because I wanted to be healthy but really it’s because I’ve just been going the easy route. I order from Nourish, which is plant-powered and organic.

Wine – I’m definitely not taking a break from the wine and I’m really into Pinot Noir right now! This one from Frank Family Vineyards is a new favorite.

I’ve also been a recent fan of this Tradition Red Blend. Available online, or if you are local to Charlotte, at winestore.

Chilewich Doormats – Putting out fresh mats really helps liven things up. I got this simple gray mat for each of my doors.

New sheets– New bedding was in order, as well! These Frette sheets are super crisp, if that is your sheet style.

Charging Station – I love the 3 in 1 charging stations so you can charge your phone and accessories with no cords. I got one for my Apple Watch, iphone, and ipods. So much cleaner!

Water Bottle – Last but not least I’m just trying to drink lots of water, and this water bottle is maybe the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen! A friend at work got me one of these as a gift and I am in love!

Cheers, friends. Have a great rest of your week!


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