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Beach Favorites

A collection of my beach favorites – just waiting for the next vacation.

Summer is officially here! We recently spent a week in Bald Head Island, and we had sun for about 4 hours in total – no exaggerating!! The worst weather I’ve ever had on a vacation hands-down… Regardless, I was packed to the hilt. Below are some of my beach favorites – just waiting for the next vacation.

Turkish Towels 

The best, and so great for packing. I roll them just like this and they barely take up any space at all in the beach bag!

Backpack Chair

We have had our backpack chairs for years – we are on the second generation of this same style. The backpack makes it very easy to bike or carry to the beach. And you can’t beat the cooler pouch when traveling light!

Insulated Wine Tumbler

Yes, I drink wine on the beach. These tumblers are great for keeping a glass of wine cool (and chic!)


I also love the Hydroflask, for having water with me. With the screwtop, this is easy to throw in the bag and go.

L Space Coverup

My latest coverup – I love this one as it’s cute and comfortable.

Trina Turk One Piece

Ordered, and really liked this one piece recently.

Bondi Beach Tent Shade

This tent shade is a nice alternative to the umbrella, and it packs up compactly.

Packable Wet Bag

This wet bag is so tiny it can fit on your keychain. It can keep the wet things in or keep the water out. At this size, a must to toss in your beach bag!

Sand Stand

Loved this sand stand for its wineglass holders, among other things!

Wine Flask

The perfect way to bring your wine to the beach without having to bring glass. Just pour it in and throw the flask in your cooler.

Kindle Paperweight

I finally upgraded my Kindle from the 2013 version to the latest Paperweight. So excited for the new features. The best part about this one is that it’s waterproof!

Soft Cooler

The perfect cooler to carry to the beach. This easily holds enough drinks and snacks for the day.

Anthro Towels

How fun are theses towels from Anthropologie? These would liven up any beach experience.

Panama Hat 

I like to always have a hat, and the Panama hat has been my go-to for a while.

Juicy Tubes

I know lip gloss isn’t the best thing to wear at the beach, but I’m addicted!

Wet Brush

The best brush for detangling! Perfect for wet beach hair.

Supergoop Sunscreen

Last but not least – don’t forget the sunscreen! This is my favorite brand…

Happy Summer!

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