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The Sunday Seven 08.09.20

Happy Sunday! This week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday! Here’s my latest roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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Travel the Parmesan Cheese Trail in Italy

Much like champagne must come from a specific region in France, and Port from Portugal, authentic Parmigiano-Reggiano is cultivated exclusively in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. In fact, its title is among the first protected designation of origins (PDOs) ever established in the European Union. More about the region and why you should visit.

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Get 20 Interior Design Pro-Tips

Architectural Digest stylists reveal their tried-and-true tricks for turning pretty interiors into magazine-worthy rooms. Read more about leaving room for the space to breathe, create an expression of opposites coexisting, ways to bring in something organic or natural, and more great tips. Pictured – an art-filled vignette in Seth Meyers’ home.

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Smart Technology for Your Socially Distanced Summer

Social distanced summer means that we will have to find creative ways to keep ourselves entertained right now. Get this list of new smart technologies that will help you get through the near future. All-new noise-canceling headphones, a projector screen perfect for outdoor movies, Dyson’s newest air-purifying fan, and more at the link.

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A New Way to Buttery Chardonnay

All about the rise of Chardonnay in Willamette. Many don’t realize that the Willamette Valley benefits from a climate more akin to Burgundy than Napa, so they are able to produce Chardonnays that rival white Burgundies for vividness, nuance and even minerality. 

Dropping in Coffee Consumption

Despite the fact that supermarkets have reported significant increases in their bagged coffee sales from everyone being at home, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has suggested that global coffee consumption is going to fall this year, for the first time since 2011. Learn about the pandemic’s impact on coffee.

Members-Only Chateau Marmont 

The swanky Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, a famed hangout for celebrities and host to bashes for the rich and beautiful, will be converted into a members-only hotel over the next year. More at the link.

Building This Baja Beauty 

This Baja house was created as a relaxing retreat for two families with two aesthetics – one traditional and one modern. They also aimed for a dual-locale focus – bringing together furnishings and finishes that reflected the clients’ home state of California as well as the Mexican vibe of their vacation home. Take a tour of this beauty.

Cheers to a wonderful rest of your weekend!

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