Sunday Seven

The Sunday Seven // 09.17.23

My Sunday scroll in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy weekend, friends! Hope you enjoy this Sunday scroll in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel

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Your Next Girls Trip

Instead of this, try that. From beach vacations to city escapes, here are seven underrated girls trip alternatives to take this year. I’ve got my eye on Copenhagen!

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We Dethroned Rosé

I know everyone wants summer to be over, but while we’re all still hot and drinking white and rose, Barbara and Gamay there are two reds that have been popular this summer and will take you right into fall.

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Hack Your Wine Open

When in a pinch, learn these hacks! How to open with scissors, a car key and my favorite—a hair straightener—among others.

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Luxury Hotel Lineup

Fifty splashy, five-star debuts that are instantly earmarked to be globetrotters’ staples. SO many good ones on this list—start drooling and dreaming!

The Cruise That Never Ends

This cruise line offers a three-year round-the-world cruise as its signature sail. But they claim people are so enthused by the idea of sailing around the world nonstop, they’re going to continue the journey indefinitely.

Get the All-Star Cheese Lineup

From mozzarella to Mimolette, here are the cheeses chefs always have on hand at home—and what to quickly whip up for a last-minute gathering or late-night snack.

Year-Round Garden Living

A bit of cheer in London’s Paddington. Abundance is an inspired ‘frozen garden’ where the typical colors of high spring are abstracted and turned into a year-round installation.

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing rest of your weekend!

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