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Artist Feature // 5 Questions for Liza Hathaway Matthews

Meet Liza Hathaway Matthews, a Baltimore-based abstract painter and textile designer.

Hi, friends!

For my very first artist feature of 2019 I’m happy to share the work of Liza Hathaway Matthews. Liza is a contemporary, abstract artist and textile designer based in Baltimore. She gets her inspiration from nature, design, and pattern. Liza uses oil, acrylic, and charcoal pencil to complete her canvases, paper and mylar pieces. I love the colors, texture and movement in her work. And, anyone who finishes off her pieces with a little sparkle is A-ok in my book!

See more and get my Q&A with Liza below!

Meet Liza

5 Questions for Liza Hathaway Matthews

1) What is your favorite kind of work to do at the moment?

Currently, my favorite mediums to use are acrylics and inks on mylar and paper. I love how you can add water or alcohol to either and know you have no idea what you will get as you swirl and explore. I usually add some sort of metallic at the end whether it be gold or silver paint or a gold leaf for luminosity or just a sparkle. The final piece can be a fun surprise! My dreams are to continue to broaden the reach of my artwork by expanding my collaborations with bed linens, table top linens and more interior items. I can visualize my art on just about everything!!




2) What kinds of things inspire you?

I am inspired daily by my surroundings, travels, interiors, and landscapes. I take it all in and love using my iPhone camera to capture it all! I have around 15,000 pictures on my phone that range from my personal family pictures, my art and anything else that catches my eye! The one scene I can’t get enough of or find enough inspiration from is a beautiful sunset and skyline! You’ll see in my landscapes, there is some sort of light that radiates underneath with a reflection in the foreground. Color and light dance in my head and on my canvases!



3) Who else do you admire in the art space?

I enjoy following artists like Mallory Page for her amazing use of color and the way she brings transparency into her saturated hues of color! Her pieces are breathtaking!

I also enjoy Jill Seale’s work. She is an artist that does amazing things with her marbleizing and collaborates to make pillows, fabrics, and other pretty interior accessories. Her beautiful use of color pairings is an inspiration! Both of these artists are very different and have perfected their use of color, design and composition.



4) Coolest possession?

My coolest possession is my Betty Cooke necklace that my husband gave me after our first child was born. I worked for Betty during my high school and college summers in her beautiful store. She was one of the main reasons I pursued art and went to the Maryland Institute, College of Art (MICA). Betty has taught and sits on the board of MICA. She made me a necklace that we continued to add to after the birth of each child. Betty hand engraved a gold disc for each child with their initials and birthdate with gold bars and pearls placed in between each disc. It’s a prized possession that makes me so happy. Her pieces are modern and distinct to her collectors. I wear it every day, it’s my fave possession as well as my wedding ring!



5) Favorite quote or words to live by?

My father used to say…

‘If you want to be interesting, be interested.’

He was someone that I looked up to and he lived by these words daily.  Those simple words can be a game changer!

Cuffs from the “Chinoiserie Chic” Collection with Lema J. Design
From the ‘Rites of Spring’ Collection with Anthropologie

To see more work:

Follow Liza on Instagram, or visit her site for more!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the week!


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  1. Oooh really pretty work, and love the jewelry, too!

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