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The Sunday Seven 04.28.19

Hello, friends…Here’s this week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel!

Hello, friends…Here’s this week’s Sunday Seven in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel!

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Foot-Long French Pastry Heaven

Give me all the “sacristain” – a foot-long pastry from Du Pain et des Idées, a little corner bakery in Paris’ Canal Saint Martin neighborhood. I’m posting this simply because it looks absolutely amazing and that is ALL! (Also, can I please go to Paris now?!)

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Design x New Zealand

I have New Zealand on the list for wine…Hawke’s Bay, Central Otago, Auckland and that distinctive Marlbourough Sauvignon Blanc taste you can pick out anywhere! Now NZ is also getting to be known for its architecture scene. It’s luxury lodges have gained a reputation for being architectural marvels, with sprawling mansions built from locally sourced materials and often located on the margins of alpine lakes with stunning views. Design + wine – the perfect combination in my book!

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The Return of Mead

Mead — or honey wine — has existed for thousands of years. People figured out how to ferment honey long before beer or wine. Now Mead is getting hot again with the first meadery hitting in Brooklyn (I previously noticed one in Sedona a couple of years back.) Mead has potential as a beer and wine alternative that’s natural, local, gluten-free, and unique.

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Top Hotels for Wine Vacations

Sometimes you need to shake it up and try something new on vacation. For wine lovers, however, vineyards hold a strong allure, and it can be hard to pass up an opportunity to have a winery within driving distance. (Me!!) These hotels, however, offer amenities and exclusive experiences for wine lovers. This is a picture from the home of one of Ireland’s largest public collections of wine (more than 10,000 bottles) at Sheen Falls Lodge. Doesn’t that selection make for a great picnic?! More at the link.

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Synthetic Alcohol is Coming

Could synthetic alcohol provide all the joy of booze without the dangers? Scientist David Nutt is trying to invent a healthy synthetic alternative, and the race is on to get it to market. Nutt has long been developing a holy grail of molecules – also referred to as “alcosynth” – that will provide the relaxing and socially lubricating qualities of alcohol, but without the hangovers, health issues and the risk of getting paralytic. If you want to get scientific, hit the link for more.

Eat This Before You Go Drinking

This link suggests that pre-gaming with a bunch of wholesome, real foods will help you drink more, stay up longer, ward off a hangover, and keep generally regrettable behavior at bay. On the list and more on why – low-fat yogurt, hummus, salmon, spaghetti, quinoa, avocado, almond butter, cereal, eggs and milk, which is made with 90% water and high in potassium, as well. May as well give it a shot!

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5 New Trends From 2019’s Milan Furniture Fair

At Salone del Mobile, the influential design fair and the biggest show of new product and talent, themes ranged from ‘70s fabrics and references to far more colorful lighting than we’re used to. Technology and innovation had their moment, as well. Here are five trends to make your home ahead of trend.

Happy Easter to everyone today!!!

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