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Charleston! Sharing a recap and what to eat, drink, see, and do on a weekend trip!

In this post I’m sharing my recommendations of what to eat, drink and do in Charleston! Mike and I spent time recently there and it’s a spot we love—it’s driving distance from Charlotte, and we go regularly just to eat and see things.

Our favorite thing to do is start at like 4 pm and make three or four different reservations. It’s still light out and we start with happy hour, eating or drinking a couple of things at each place. It’s a great way to progressively tour the city!

The Ordinary

A favorite is The Ordinary. They are known for seafood and we started there this time with oysters and rosé on the patio. So good!


One of our new stops this time was Felix. I was pretty obsessed! First of all it’s gorgeous. Second, it had a ridiculous melted French cheese dip appetizer (pictured below) and a frisée salad with a perfectly runny egg. I am definitely putting Felix on the list to revisit.

Fromage Fort, seasonal french cheese dip, radish, local honey, baguette
Salade Lyonnaise, butter & frisée lettuces, lardon, egg, dijon vinaigrette

Sorghum & Salt

Sorghum & Salt was also a new one on the list. It was amazing and we’ll definitely go back there. We sat up at the bar overlooking the kitchen and they brought out dish after dish…the pasta there was out of this world!

Cornbread Madeleines with Miso Butter, Popped Sorghum and Hickory
Fresh Pasta with SC Chard, Green Garlic, Lemon, Pistachio and Parmesan

Henrietta’s at The Dewberry

We also had brunch at Henrietta’s, in The Dewberry hotel. Good food and a cute spot for brunch!

Mike’s parents were also in Charleston, so we were able to see them a bit!

The Grocery

The Grocery is an old standby but it’s good every time. They have fresh artisan, small plates with local ingredients and we always get lots of things to share. It is definitely one to check out!

Blistered Spring Peas, Radish, Sunflower Purée

This time around we stayed at the Hyatt Place Charleston on Upper King. Not sure what was going on in town, but everything as booked this specific weekend. I would not really recommend Hyatt Place other than it was easy to walk to all the great restaurants on Upper King, and a quick walk to lower King shops. It was “ok,” but I would prefer to stay at The Dewberry or Hotel Bennett anytime!

Other Favorite Charleston Food Stops


Leon’s Oyster Shop
Butcher and Bee
The Watch Rooftop
Xio Bao Biscuit

Cheese & Wine

Bin 152
Goat Sheep Cow



Drinks after Dinner

The Citrus Club (at the Dewberry)
The Cocktail Club
The Market Pavilion Rooftop
The Bar at Husk

Charleston Shopping

Women’s Clothing

Finicky Filly
Copper Penny

Men’s Clothing

M. Dumas and Co.

We love Charleston and are always looking for other good recommendations for next time — if anyone has any, please share!


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  1. John B.

    Always looking for good ideas or Charleston – thank you fo sending so many. We will try some of these on the next trip.

  2. breebasham

    Awesome, great to hear!

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