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The Sunday Seven // 10.01.23

My latest Sunday Seven — a bi-weekly roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy weekend, friends! My latest Sunday Seven — a bi-weekly roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel. Today we are talking about perfect fall getaways, skyrocketing travel prices, how to plan an ideal stopover, the coolest train car hotel, and why Paris is EVEN MORE of a good idea.

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Hollywood Hills Haven

This house is beyond dreamy! Organic materials and layers, multiple water views and a direct sightline to the sunset strip. Check out the holistic health spaces in the basement and the gorgeous wine cellar!

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Hotel Room Train Car Dreams

How fantastic is this hotel?! Opening this month in Tennessee, a 127-key property that features 25 midcentury modern guest rooms in restored 1920s and 1960s Pullman train carriages.

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We Knew Paris Was a Good Idea

Paris is always a good idea, and now it’s also officially the world’s most powerful city. The rankings took into account everything from the contribution travel and tourism make to the GDP, to employment, and traveler spending habits.

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Next Year’s Vacation Forecast is…Still Expensive

If you travel, you already know. The average cost of a trip is up 20% compared to last year. Vacations keep getting more expensive and new data shows next year’s forecast isn’t looking better.

The Flood of Red Wine

Red wine — enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool — flowed freely in the Portuguese streets recently. I have to say, this definitely sounds like a problem, but also sounds kind of wonderful!

Perfect Fall Getaways

Fall is my favorite season! From the East Coast to the tip-top of the Pacific Northwest, these are cozy and idyllic destinations to travel to right now.

All About Stopovers

A stopover: alayover so long it is actually good. How to kill a day or three in a fabulous place before returning for your connecting flight.

Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing rest of your weekend!

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