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The Sunday Seven 05.23.21

Happy Sunday, friends! My latest bi-weekly roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

Happy Sunday, friends! My latest bi-weekly roundup in wine, food, lifestyle, design and travel.

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The Strangest Things Left in Ubers

Uber shared its most frequent and unique items lost by riders over the last year. While list includes the anticipated phones, wallets, keys, luggage, headphones, glasses, etc, there were a multitude of items that left drivers confused. The “most unique” were a tooth, 22 bundt cakes and a pan of macaroni & cheese, washing liquid, a nude corset and part of an ankle monitor. 

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Italy’s Best White Wine Bargains

Consistently as well made as they are well-priced, the white wines of Campania are a great summertime pick. Learn about these more obscure wines – like Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo, and Coda di Volpe – and get a few bottle recs at the link!

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Well-Designed Off the Grid Air BnBs

Commune with nature without sacrificing style! Airbnb reports a record 25% surge in bookings for rural listings this summer. Check out these design-forward properties featured at the link – they offer staying in an architectural beauty while being one with nature.

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A Wine Rip-Off Theory Debunked

Have you always heard that the second cheapest bottle of wine on the menu is the worst value? A study diving into this theory found that the mark-up on the second-cheapest wine is actually below that on the immediately succeeding wines and in fact, the percentage markup tended to jump the most between the 3rd and 11th bottles.

Some June Travel Inspiration

Many people are ready to travel, so I’m sharing a list of 10 of the best places to travel in June! Don’t worry – if you’re not yet, just imagining a trip to one of these destinations might be enough to lift spirits as you anticipate summer.

10 Ways to Be a Great Friend

This article was actually referred to as “ways to save a dying friendship“ but I like to look at it as easy ways to be a great friend! Having good friends can lead to happier, more connected lives, so why wouldn’t we want that? 10 ways to stay connected to your friends.

An Ultimate Guide to Summer Vegetables

Summer is a time for a more relaxed approach to cooking that involves less oven, more salad, and loads of color. Here’s a cheat sheet for what’s in season and how to cook it, featuring so many of my favorites – beets, carrots, celery, broccoli, squash, corn, tomatoes and more!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

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